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Clean Transcript

Get a head start on your writing. Convert your audio file into a clean rough draft that you can develop into a book on your own. You won't have to edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation. We'll do it and remove filler words, repetition, and any side comments with audience or preliminaries. Choose with or without time stamps.

$3.75 per min.

Ex: 60-min. audio= $225*

Get my transcript

Polished Manuscript

Skip the rough draft. We'll convert your audio or video files into an eBook that is ready to share or publish immediately. We fully edit and customize your transcript with title page, paragraph breaks and headings, and may improve sentence structure and word choice for clarity, We even look up your Bible verses to make sure they're accurate.


$12.50 per min.

Ex: 60-min. audio = $750*

Write my book

Expert Editing

Take your book from good to great. Our expert editing will make your message more clear and concise for your readers. We'll remove redundant and superfluous fluff and replace with stronger phrasing. And we'll catch embarrassing typos that detract from your writing and credibility. Even the most skilled writers need a second pair of fresh eyes!

 12 pt. font / double space

$15 & up per page 

Edit my book

*Rate shown is for a clear, single audio or video file with no background noise and one speaker. Standard turnaround time is 3-6 weeks per 60 minutes recording and will vary according to service requested. Expedited delivery may be available for a rush fee. Payment due in full before your project is initiated.

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Premium Partnership

Contact me to discuss regular transcription and manuscript needs for your ministry. We'll do the writing for you in your voice and tone and send you a monthly or quarterly invoice. Limited contracts available.